Turnaround of programme performance in the aviation industry

Our client, a profit centre within a large German aviation company, is responsible for the development and production of an important component of the Airbus family. Within the framework of a large-scale development project this component gradually went onto the critical path, putting our client under great pressure to quickly solve the problem, since he would otherwise had to have taken responsibility for considerable consequences.

In a succession of workshops we decided to change from a functional organisation into a programme organisation based on IPTs (Integrated Product Teams). A further number of workshops, which was attended by all decision makers, defined an "80% correct" organisation which was sufficient for a quick start. The fact that the residual 20% would be developed in real-time within the new organisation demanded a strong readiness to deal with uncertainty and crises from all participants. During the following months we accompanied the new organisation on an ad-hoc basis, held a number of content-related workshops in order to refine core processes, and worked with topic-specific interventions in order to deal with crises and conflicts when they arose.

The programme quickly gained transparency by helping the management to focus resources onto core topics. On-time delivery and quality improved by 70% within six months. Ten months after the first implementation of an IPT we made the decision to create a programme-oriented organisation for all programmes of the profit centre in order to meet the costs and new challenges.