Large group events

Participative approaches for large groups, such as e.g. the open forum (Open Space Technology®), Future Search® or the World Café®, have shown that they are very well suited to deliver excellent results for groups of twenty to several hundred persons. Those kinds of approaches require intensive preparation. The participants often openly discuss topics, they are encouraged to listen and speak themselves without having to bother too much about wording their ideas correctly. There is a clear structure for these rounds of talks.

These methods of solving problems, of active consensus and cooperation have two fundamental features:

A) they awaken the participants sense of responsibility, who are all experts and have to organise themselves together, in order to find a solution. Whereby they go from


  • the role of spectator to the role of active doer
  • having an opinion to achieving consideration
  • evaluating to taking responsibility

B) they are a strong catalyst of social bonds: networks are formed or strengthen one another, and common knowledge is shared.

We regularly use these methods with groups of up to approx. 400 persons during the different phases of a change process.