Action Lab®

The Action Lab®: a platform for change.

The Action Lab method enables developing innovative, effective business models while assuring important preconditions for a later success of implementation at the same time.

The Action Lab is a cross-functionally staffed project team of high performers which works on the concept of intensive 3-day sessions. Typical goals are the development of an integrated, holistic business model that overcomes the existing grown and suboptimal processes and structures and presents considerable improvements of performance. This project design supports the difficult process during which the project team members detach themselves from their functional and departmental thinking at first, before they are really prepared to take responsibility for innovative, radical changes. In addition, the project members are trained in "leadership and communication during complex change processes" at the Action Lab.


Other than with traditional concept projects, here the concept drafts are directly presented to the management by the group of high performers (Action Lab team). This assures that even radical business models are realistic and realisable.

The development of concepts by high performers of main functional areas is a key factor for the future implementation of the new business model. As change agents, the Action Lab team forms the core of the new leadership culture.

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