Our working principles

Our projects are characterised by four principles:

Consciously approaching adaptive aspects of change


  • Adaptive aspects can only be approached through intensified cooperation
  • They drag hidden conflicts and crises to the foreground and in this way make them workable

Working with concrete, urgent business topics


  • Culture can be changed by acting
  • Learning and development are most intensive and exciting when people deal with their challenges together
  • Only important topics create the necessary "pressure"

Approaching organisational patterns


  • Perceiving traditional patterns and conventions within the organisation and making them workable
    Developing new processes of decision making: more conscious, explicit, open, more delegation


Emergent design


  • In the end, complex change cannot be planned. This means that project schedules must adapt to new insights.
  • Conscious juxtaposition of structured and improvised procedures
  • Rhythm of speed through "irrationally aggressive schedules" and "conscious deceleration" for extending perspectives, absorbing new insights and discovering hidden risks