Most change projects fail during the implementation phase. This is exactly why we focus on this phase during our work. We are often commissioned when the transition to the implementation phase starts or when the implementation is not making any progress.


The core question is how to pass on the design to the co-workers who play a considerable part in the success of implementation. During this critical phase we work with three main elements:


Critical topics of implementation: these themes mirror the key challenges of the organisation - they determine the success or failure of the overall implementation. Typically, these topics are complex in themselves and they deal with changing cooperation and leadership models.


Project management: we implement a managing structure that constantly monitors all implementation activities. The quality of the executives' commitment thereby is an important key to success. Conventional steering committees are not sufficient. Executives most intensively participate in the change processes and face the inevitable uncertainties and conflicts which arise during the implementation.


Developing competencies: we construct a decentrally organised "field university" in order to reach the majority of the affected employees and develop with them the basic content-related and social skills necessary for the success of the implementation.