Integrated, participatory approach of consulting

Ever since we have been consulting major organisations, we have been applying participative approaches for working with our clients. This is based on the idea that difficult challenges within companies can only be solved in a sustainable way, if sufficient know-how bearers, unconventional thinkers and persons responsible for capabilities are involved in the development and implementation of solutions across hierarchies.


Many of our consultants worked for the management consulting company CSC Index which was deemed as a pioneer of participative approaches in concept development of innovative business models. Based on this we created our refined Action Lab approach.

In our project work we integrate two aspects  which are normally often approached separately: professional work on strategies, organisational structures and working processes on the one hand, working on topics of cooperation, motivation and culture on the other hand. The focus on critical challenges in companies thereby represents the parenthesis. Because in these situations, besides professional and technical issues, difficulties very often arise out of the cooperation of the involved parties.


Within the framework of implementation we therefore do not pursue "classical communication measures", but concentrate on actively involving more and more of the affected staff groups in the problem solution. This serious engagement of employees is the basis for a new form of cooperation that is absolutely essential for the effective implementation of an ambitious undertaking.