What we do

With our clients we work on critical topics in order to achieve short-term and long-term business success. Critical topics are distinguished by the fact that strategic, operative and social dimensions are interlocked within them. Experience has shown us that the existing approaches to these topics are insufficient. It is necessary to develop and apply methods that live up to the uniqueness of the situation at hand.


Executive change


Executive change describes working on and with the agenda of the executives in charge. Together we identify the critical topics described above and develop a customised project approach. With this we tackle work on content-related topics, the dimensions of cooperation and power and the innovation of new business models in an integrated way. Through this intensive cross-functional and cross-hierarchic work, a new form of leadership and cooperation is developed. This is directly reflected in the results.


Executive education


We provide executive education with our ChallengeX method and develop a training curriculum suited to the respective client. This includes precisely dealing with the participating executives' main challenges throughout their different dimensions. Apart from intensively dealing with and implementing the topics, the curriculum enables the development of a leadership model which meets the complexity and uniqueness of the challenges.