Douglas Griffin


Herrmann Associates



Doug Griffin is a visiting professor and member of the Complexity Research Group at the University of Hertfordshire Business School in England.


For more than twenty years Doug Griffin has been working as an independent organisation consultant and thereby specialised in corporate culture and development. During the last years he focused on researching and applying methods that transfer insights from cultural and complexity theory to change processes. Based on this he held seminars, workshops and courses for leading companies, concentrating on increasing the awareness for the emerging nature of culture, leadership, innovation and change processes. He also works as a coach for individuals and teams in international companies.


Doug Griffin's clients include The World Bank Group, Washington, DC (Complexity and the learning organisation) Degussa (Knowledge management), EADS (Leadership and complexity), BMW (Complexity: A new paradigm for training and development) and 3M Europe (Leadership and complexity), Nokia (Leadership).


Doug Griffin is the author of The Emergence of Leadership: Linking self-organization and ethics, 2002. Together with Patricia Shaw and Ralph Stacey he also co-authored Complexity and Management: Fad or radical challenge to systems thinking, 2000. He co-edited ten books on complexity and management and also published articles on these topics.