The context of our work

Our founder Martin Herrmann's experiences during his medical training and his time as assistant doctor were decisive for the approach we feature today. On the one hand he had to learn how strongly medical professionals' training and practice is concentrated on the purely technical-professional dimension of medical work, on the other hand he experienced the rigidity of structures and the incapacity for change.

These experiences evoked a passion about finding ways to understand organisations and their changes differently in order to improve the quality of work and cooperation in an extensive way. This was started by a two-year project at a major clinic.

In the course of time, practical experience confirmed that our approaches developed for working with different major companies are highly relevant.

By further developing these approaches we clearly identified three cornerstones of our work:


  • the integrated, participative approach of consulting
  • the understanding of change processes as adaptive change
  • the connection between complexity and management.